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How the West was won.

Paul Ardzrooni grew up in Anderson Valley and now farms a huge portion of the appellation. To say that he knows the good sites for a Pinot Noir vineyard would be an understatement. Wendling is Paul’s vineyard he planted from scratch. This sprawling vineyard sits right at the point of the valley where the redwoods devour HWY 128, disallowing any further development to the west. Having worked with the site since 2017, Wendling has been consistently powerful, showcasing a boldness and intensity that rival the Diane Cobb block at Coastlands Vineyard.



At the mouth of Mendocino.

Plain and simple, there isn’t a vineyard in Anderson Valley closer to the coast than Wendling. While its perched on a hill, this 25 acre vineyard dedicated to Pinot Noir is virtually surrounded by redwood trees. There is quite a difference between the eastern sites in the valley compared to what one will find in the “deep” end. The coastal winds that pour over Wendling Vineyard allow for a tempering of the inherent power and intensity of Anderson Valley fruit.


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