The tale of two vineyards.

Michael Galli called up Ross in 2008. Having just purchased the property across from Emmaline Ann he was looking for some advice on planting. He was interested in clonal selection, spacing, and how to generally farm on the ridgeline just east of Occidental. Ross gave him as much time as he could and the two parted ways. Eight years later Michael rang him again to let Ross know that he had followed his advice to a tee and wondered if he was interested in purchasing some fruit. Sometimes farming is as simple as that; good advice, hard work and great timing. Mark Monticue bought the property in 2015 and has kept Cobb on as the sole producer of the fruit with Ross overseeing the farming.



Warmth in the redwoods.

Monticue is tucked behind Jonive Rd. across the street from Emmaline Ann. Like many West County vineyards, Monticue is surrounded by redwood trees. This tiny vineyard has only two acres planted to Calera, Pommard, 667, and 115 clones of Pinot Noir. The elevation at Monticue is identical to Emmaline Ann at 700ft with the same Goldridge series of sandy loam soil. Where the terroir starts to differ is in the orientation. Monticue faces northeast protecting it from heavy wind and fog and allowing early morning warmth to creep into the vineyard. The resulting wines are more masculine and brooding than its neighboring counterpart Emmaline Ann.


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