Two generations of farming.

Ted Klopp has been farming the western portion of Sonoma County for decades, originally cultivating orchards of Asian Pears in the ‘80s. With the guidance of some great vintners like Phil Bertoli, Tom Dehlinger and Rod Berglund he made the move to planting Pinot Noir in the ‘90s. Keeping the business within the family Ted passed the reigns to his daughter Lauren who runs the daily operations today. In 2012 they were looking to develop a new vineyard and contacted Ross to potentially work out an agreement on rights to fruit. Wanting to see more high-quality Chardonnay in the Sonoma Coast, Ross, Ted and Lauren worked out a pre-plant agreement where Ross could weigh in on the clonal selection, and he would in turn sign a contract for a future commitment to fruit.



Precision in the West.

H. Klopp is hidden right in the midst of the lower Sebastopol Hills, just south of downtown. Sitting atop the ubiquitous Goldridge Series loam that Sonoma Coast is famous for, this vineyard is planted to four clones of Chardonnay: Robert Young, Old Wente, Mt. Eden and UCD4. Planted in 2013 the H. Klopp vineyard is relatively young, but the wines have done nothing but impress. There is an electricity to the acidity at H. Klopp which was evident even in the inaugural 2017 release. To this day this remains the only vineyard in the portfolio that is dedicated to Chardonnay.


Le Vin

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